ZSE charging card

Are you dreaming of an electric car and looking for advantageous financing? We have prepared a unique package for you, a combination of bargain rates and a card full of benefits.


Why using financing electric car through Tatra Leasing:




1. 200 EUR credit for your rides

You will automatically receive a charging card for your new electric car with an initial credit of 200 EUR. This will last you for 3,770 km *.



2. Access to the largest charging network.

You can charge your electric car in the wide ZSE Drive network with many other benefits. See ZSE Drive. for more information.

Výhodná kombinácia financovania


3. An advantageous combination of financing and insurance.

You will receive not only a bargain rate for financing your electric car but also for motor hull insurance. 

*The distance was calculated for EV with a consumption of 17kWh / 100km. For EVs with higher consumption, the distance will be lower according to the formula: Number of km = EE volume / consumption 3,765 km = 640 kWh / (17kWh / 100km). . 


How to use a charging card





How to activate the charging card?

  1. Visit the zsedrive.Sk/subscription page
  2. Enter the registration details
  3. Enter the number of the supplied charging card and the registration code
  4. Choose the charging program that you will use after the credit has been used up
  5. Use the largest network of charging stations in Slovakia. See a map of the stations
  6. If you have any questions, please contact the non-stop customer line ZSE Drive



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