About us

We are a subsidiary of Tatra banka with more than 25 years of experience in the leasing market. Our goal is to help you create and develop business through asset financing and become the first choice in your decision-making on financing.






Complex services

Complex services




We are characterized by these pillars


  • We are a member of the strong Austrian RBI Group
  • We operate for 26 years on the Slovak leasing market


  • We finance both movable and immovable assets
  • We provide a wide range of financial, insurance and consulting services


  • We develop our own applications to simplify communication with clients
  • We are pioneers in real estate leasing



  • We first introduced the leasing of medical equipment on the market
  • We are looking for ways to tailor products to clients’ needs


  • We can transform the individual needs of each client into a suitable financing product

Your satisfaction is on the first place on our list

When cooperating with us, we do our best to save your precious time and avoid unnecessary stressful situations. Therefore, we place great emphasis on professionalism, confidentiality, and we approach each client individually. Our values testify this approach.

  • Demandingness 
    We do things the best we can because it makes sense to us.
  • Creativity 
    We bring new solutions, we support courageous and innovative thinking.
  • Partnership 
    We have a common goal, we act together with dignity and respect.
  • Courage
    We have the courage to act and take responsibility.

We belong to the best

In the long run, we rank among the top 5 most powerful and largest companies in the leasing market. The Austrian Raiffeisen Bank International Group, which we are a member of, has already recognized our company several times as the most effective company with the highest growth dynamics within the leasing group.


What do we finance?

Our wide portfolio of products offers you the opportunity to finance the following commodities.

  • Passenger and utility vehicles
  • Trucks, trailers and semi-trailers
  • Agricultural and forestry machines and equipment
  • Construction machines
  • Railway vehicles, aircraft
  • Forklifts, pallet lifters, loaders
  • Material processing machines for metal, plastic and wood
  • Printing, packaging machines and equipment
  • Business, warehouse and workshop furnishing
  • Telecommunication and computing equipment
  • Production lines and equipment in all types of industries
  • Medical Equipment
  • Commercial real estate
  • Administrative and multifunctional real estate
  • Industrial, storage and logistic halls

Product portfolio

We help you to fulfill your plans for asset financing with the individual offer of following services:

  • Financial lease
  • Operational lease (financing under specific accounting and tax principles)
  • Consumer loan
  • Hire-purchase
  • Operational lease with services for passenger and utility vehicles
  • Comprehensive insurance during and after financing

*We offer operational leasing according to SAS and IFRS accounting standards. Our product is aimed at maximizing the use of accounting and tax benefits of the operational lease. It is a financial product without a service portfolio or technical support for the funded assets.

Where do you find us?

Our services are available to you at branches:

  • Bratislava (head office)
  • Trnava
  • Nitra
  • Trenčín
  • Banská Bystrica
  • Žilina
  • Košice

In the branch network of Tatra banka (in individual branches) you can also get the necessary information and contacts to the relevant Tatra Leasing employees who are happy to process all your requests.

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