Financial leasing

Financial leasing allows you to use the object of financing without having all the cash from you at our disposal, this way you can use your cash for other investments. If you decide on this type of vehicle financing, its owner will initially be Tatra-Leasing, s.r.o., but immediately after repaying the agreed purchase value of the car the ownership will pass on to you.

Financial leasing

If you prefer faster handling and less bureaucracy, choose financial leasing.

  • A quick form of financing
  • We provide financing based on fixed and floating interest rates
  • Down payment from 10%
  • Preemptive right to the subject of financing for a symbolic price
  • Choice of monthly, quarterly or seasonal installments
  • VAT applied gradually in installments
  • Favorable insurance rates


Assets you can finance via financial leasing

Passenger and utility cars

Do you need a new car? Make your way easier with our help. We provide financing for all types of new and used passenger and utility vehicles up to 3.5 tons.

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Trucks and trailers

Do you plan to renew or expand your fleet with a new tractor, semi-trailer or bus? So you're in the right place. We provide financing for all types of new and used trucks, trailers, buses, and forklifts.

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Agricultural machines

Harvesting season is coming and do you need a new tractor, seeder or harvester? Contact us and we will arrange for you to use them as soon as possible. We provide financing for all types of new and used agricultural equipment (tractors, sidings, harvesters, machine tools, etc.).

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Construction machines

Would you like a new machine that help you to simplify the construction business? We will make it part of your business soon. We provide financing for all kinds of new or user construction machinery (earthmoving machine, excavator, stone crusher and others).

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Medical equipment

Tatra-Leasing focuses specifically on the needs of doctors and medical facilities. If your profession is taking care for all of us, we are prepare to help you with your specific needs.

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Tatra-Leasing offers financing of technological lines, machines and equipment for larger technological sectors.

The group of technological equipment includes mainly packaging machines, concrete mixing plants, office equipment, copiers machines, boiler equipments, computers, (car) service equipment, printers, telecommunication and transmission equipments, photovoltaics, small hydro power plants and similar technological units.

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Real estate

Tatra-Leasing offers you solutions for investment projects in financing the construction or acquisition of real estate. You can finance construction, manufacturing, commercial, warehouse, or office-based finance leases.

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Other assets

Tatra-Leasing offers you the solution of your investment plans when acquiring also non-standard items (boat, yacht, catamaran, airplane, wagons etc.). We are ready to provide you with funding tailored to your needs and needs.

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Financing procedure

Getting financing for your new passenger or utility vehicle is very easy. There are just three steps.

ponuka financovania


Choose your vehicle and contact us. We will prepare a customised offer.


2. Financing

Deliver us all the necessary documents and we will proceed to the financing approval.


3. Conclusion
of the contract

Once you have signed the contract and made the down payment, you can pick up the vehicle at the vendor.



Where to apply for financing


contact me

using the contact form


at a branch

visit us at our branches


using Infoleasing

call us: +421 2 5919 5919

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